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Get to know your In-store Dietitian and discuss how your Dietitian can support your unique nutrition needs.
Nutrition Packages

Family Meals Made Easy $149

Want your family to eat well, but don’t have enough time? Let our Dietitian help you plan, shop, and cook quick meals your entire family will enjoy.
- Initial nutrition consultation – 60 mins
- Shop with our Dietitian – 30 mins

Healthy Eating 101 $149

Are you ready to fit good eating habits into your busy lifestyle? Discuss meal planning tips with your Dietitian and find new strategies to eat more plant-based, local, and affordable meals.
- Initial nutrition consultation – 60 mins
- Shop with our Dietitian – 30 mins

Your Healthy Weight $349

From understanding how your body works to preparing more meals at home, our Dietitian can equip you with the right tools to help you achieve your healthy weight.
- Initial nutrition consultation – 60 min
- Shop with our Dietitian – 60 min
- 6 x 15 min Follow-Ups

Nutrition for mom and baby $199

Feeling anxious or unsure about what to eat while pregnant or breastfeeding, and want to learn how to transition your baby to solids? Let our Dietitian guide you! Get the answers, you and your baby need, in the comfort of your own grocery store.
Babies welcome to all sessions.
- Initial nutrition consultation - 60 min
- Shop with our Dietitian – 30 min
- Follow-Up – 30 min

Invest in Your Health $199

Whether you have diabetes, high cholesterol, digestive issues or other health concerns, our Dietitian can help you fit the foods you love into your daily routine.
- Initial nutrition consultation – 60 mins
- Shop with our Dietitian – 60 mins

Build Your Own Nutrition Package Prices vary

Customize your own nutrition package to best suit your needs. Choose any two or more nutrition services from the à la carte options and receive our exclusive welcome kit!
À la Carte Nutrition Services

Initial nutrition consultation $99 | 60 mins

Do you have a health goal in mind?
Let your In-store Dietitian coach you to success. Includes a nutrition assessment of your eating habits and a nutrition plan tailored to you.

Follow-up nutrition consultation $49 | 30 mins $99 | 60 mins

Let us help you stay on track and discover practical strategies to overcome challenges.

Phone check-in $49 | 2 x 15 mins

Your Dietitian will check-in with you during two 15-minute appointments to monitor your progress and answer any questions.

Shop with Our Dietitian $49 | 30 mins $99 | 60 mins

Discover practical shopping tips, meal ideas and how to read nutrition labels in the aisles, with your In-Store Dietitian.
Group Nutrition Packages

Book a free 15 min introductory chat with your Dietitian to learn more about group nutrition services.

NEW – Group Workshops $20 (per person)

Join your In-store Dietitian, for this hands-on nutrition workshop! They cover several trendy topics, and all involve exploring the grocery store while your Dietitian provides nutrition information, tips and tricks. All workshops end in sampling of a tasty recipe.

WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER™ Your Healthy Weight Program $249 (per person)

Designed to provide the support on your journey to your unique healthy weight, the program provides a written guide, in-store grocery tour, assistance and expert help from a Dietitian. In six weeks, you will be guided by your Dietitian to identify long term and sustainable eating habits and lifestyle factors to ensure sustained success. Together, we are committed to helping you achieve your healthy weight.

Shop with our Dietitian $199 (per person)

Join a group on a 6-week journey led by your in-store Dietitian and learn how to grocery shop and meal plan like a pro. Discover how food affects your body, and influences heart, brain, bones, muscles and gut health, while improving your eating and lifestyle habits

Additional Services Offered

- Nutrition programs for school groups
- Corporate wellness
- Nutrition workshops

Many insurance plans cover the cost of Registered Dietitian services.
Contact your insurance provider to see if you are covered.

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